Yuka Ozaki 2
The crazy retarded Jap is back for another go. In her own words, she's here for revenge. What's she really here for is another round of disappointment. During the interview, she told us she received tons of emails telling her "Retard... shut up!" because of all her screaming. Well, she took that advice this time (Thank you!!!). Bootleg and Pauly Harker gave her the business this time. It looks like she's been practicing deep throating because she took it pretty well. She still is a complete goof ball with fucking, though. Her catcher's mitt pussy couldn't accommodate the big cocks of our guys so she squirmed and whimpered like they do in all Asian porn. After the loads were dumped on her face, we showed her what we really thought of her. I'm sure you'll agree with our assessment.
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