Taura Slade
Taura Slade is a 20 year old dyke of epic proportions. From her Bieber haircut to her doofy boxy frame, the girl screams "Loser!" a million miles away. However, I give credit where credit is due. This outcast came in all happy to be throwing her life away and ran with it. Why a feminist believes that having men spit on her, slap her around and rip farts in her face is not degrading is beyond me... but that's what this idiot believes. Bootleg and Gio put her in her place, alpha male style. I can't wait to read her term paper on why this is empowering... fucking idiot. I think once you get past her subpar appearance, you're going to love this scene. It's degrading. It's messy. It's a reality slap across a dumb bitch's face!
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